To the One Who is More Than…

Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us, to Him be glory… (Ephesians 3:20)

This has been a week where I’ve found myself being faced with more questions than answers. Where the harshness of life’s storms clashes with whirlwind force against the peaceful calm of God’s presence. And while I’ve assumed my position of cheering along the sidelines, I’ve suddenly ran out of words with which to encourage my exhausted teammates who are being nailed by tackle after tackle. And so, I pray in silence.

Forcing my soul to stillness, I take my questions to the One Who speaks in the whirlwind.

And in so doing, I am reminded of the timelessness of His presence. The vastness of His existence. The scope of a love that knows no limits and cannot be contained or restrained by any force in the universe. How thankful I am to know that God is a constant calm when the ever-changing winds of life rip through my soul. When faced with how fleeting this life can be, I am reminded of the Eternal. And I am grateful. Grateful that God remains. Firm. Solid. Immovable. Everlasting.

Unlike my flitting thoughts and tumbling emotions, God is never swayed by circumstances. Never given over to anything but His great love for us. Bending near to the one who cries out to Him. Rushing into the chaos to rescue His children and hold them close throughout the raging tempest. Turning the roaring to whispers, His voice echoes through the whirlwind, commanding peace to settle and remain. And my heart breathes in the truth of knowing I am held in a grip that never slackens its hold.

As I sit and watch this brewing storm, I am reminded that my Father reigns. Nothing stands against. Everything bows. My heart most of all.

Stirred with remembrance, I thank the One Who is enough. Indeed, the One Who is More Than.
More than
my doubts and fears.
More than the questions swirling in my mind.
More than the circumstances tugging me toward unbelief.
More than able to do exceedingly, abundantly beyond anything that I could ask or think.
Simply, More Than.

So today, I lay all my questions at His feet, and I choose to give Him praise. Even before He gives the answers. I will break the silence with shouts of worship, joining with angelic anthem in a song that rings louder than this storm. I will open my mouth in a chorus of praise that invites God’s glory to the forefront of my thoughts as I give honor to the One Who speaks in the whirlwind. To the One Who is, Who was, and will always be More Than.



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