I rest in a keeping not my own…

As I read the above line in a random book of poetry, the warmth of its truth nestled into my heart. I am so thankful to rest in a keeping that is not my own. To trust in a Strength that far exceeds the restricting confines of mere human power. To know I have a Father who embraces both the terrible and the beautiful things in my life.

Although I am not promised an easy and carefree path, I am promised God’s presence through it all. And that is more than I need. Much more than I deserve. By faith, I live with the knowledge that My Father is the Keeper of the beautiful, even amidst the ugliness of life. Uniting beauty and sorrow, He collects His children’s tears and transforms them into a fragrant incense. Bringing life from ashes, His breath stirs the smoldering embers of offerings that have all but taken the lives of their bearers. Granting unlimited mercy, He heals those whose hearts have been paralyzed by grief and draws them into a dance with the joyful. And to every freedom seeker, He offers the amazing gift of His glorious presence, continually gracing lives with the assurance of being kept.

Truly, I rest in a keeping not my own. And it is here I find that I am learning to embrace mercy even as it embraces me. Bit by bit, I’m understanding the realness of being infinitely valued by the One who is infinitely timeless… and it is changing me. Changing me so I can not only believe the value of truth, but I can accept it as truth for me. And I rest in the assurance that, regardless of the twists and turns this path of life may take, I am forever in His keeping.

…and You knew me before I was
… and You sought me in the darkness
… and You found me when I could not find myself
… and You held me like a secret
… and You whispered by Your Spirit that You kept me
for this moment and beyond.
(from Scrapbooking Your Faith)


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