His Story in the Making

My story is God’s story,

Its pages filled with His fingerprints.

Smudges of the Divine tracing my days,

Impressions of His touch cast in glory upon my nights.

Whispers of love gracing every moment,

Shouts of deliverance filling the silence,

Overflowing my soul with the script of holiness.


Line after line holds the weight of His will,

Page after page turns with His purpose.

Aware or unaware, my days are steeped in His presence

As I am steadfastly molded from villain to heroine.

Character changed by the indwelling

Of a Spirit not my own.


A plot of twists and turns,

Of tragedy and comedy,

Action and conflict,

Climaxing toward an ending

That is really just the beginning

Of the greatest of all stories

Yet to be told.

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