Connecting to the Holy

Perhaps one of the most profound thoughts I ever heard recounted from a pulpit was something along the lines of, I was sitting with my friends on the back porch listening to Nat King Cole. It was a holy moment. Not your typical Sunday morning sermon notes.

Nevertheless, this thought has continued to stick with me throughout the years, bouncing between my head and my heart at the strangest of moments.

If my pastor friend can define listening to Nat King Cole as a “holy moment,” then what other simple things of life can be placed in the same category? It’s not like the famous jazz singer was noted for belting out worship music or for writing amazing hymns. So what justified this particular moment in time as being “holy” to my friend? More importantly, what “holy moments” am I overlooking every day of my life?

Sometimes we get the confused idea that to “be holy” means we must be cloaked in the brown garb of a monk and live in seclusion while reciting Scripture twelve hours a day. Sadly, we insist on doing something to make holiness happen rather than being in communion with God, regardless of what is happening. The hidden truth is that anything can be “holy” when God is in the center of it.

And since God exists in literally everything that our senses behold, then the truth of the matter is that all of life is seeping with the Divine.

But while it is easy to recognize the holiness of God in the sweet smile of a sleeping newborn, it can be much more difficult to notice God’s presence in places where life is troublesome or in people who make us feel uncomfortable. We tend to want to pick and choose where we believe God’s holiness will show up instead of choosing to believe that holiness appears wherever God is.

This morning, a friend posted a facebook comment that may well be the key to embracing those holy moments in life: Today, will you simply recognize your connection to Christ?

A simple, yet profound statement, indeed. The key in recognizing those holy moments is to be mindful of our connection to God… in every moment of living. To be grateful for the gift of the kingdom of God placed within these fragile, earthen vessels. Vessels formed to contain His glory and to experience His holiness with every breath of living.

And if that is the case, then truly holiness can be found anywhere.

At any time.

In anyone.

May we have ears to hear the call of holiness – from the first cries of the life of a newborn to the last death rattle of a saint.

And all the moments in between.



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