How can the ocean be so full?
Ounces and pints upon multitudes of
Untold gallons of sea water.
Always moving with the fullness it contains.
Sometimes violently thrashing,
Other times gently caressing the shores.
But always in motion.
Always full.
Never lacking.

Lord, make me an ocean of Your presence.
Fill me with the glory found in knowing You.
Move me
To brush against others
With the waves of Your glory
Rising within.
Never stagnant.
Always flowing.

Erupt Your glorious presence from the
Depths of my being.
Move me with purpose,
Steadily closer to Your heart
And to others
With wave after wave
Of Your glory poured forth
Upon dry, sun-baked souls.

Release the glory
Contained in earthen vessel
For Your glory.
Caress the world
With violent grace
Poured forth from this life
Overflowing with You.


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