If All is Light…

I recently read a line from a novel referring to the “dark side” of the moon. Although this is not the first time I’ve noticed this particular phrasing in works of literature, for some reason my curiosity was piqued, and I couldn’t help but look into it a bit further. As it turns out, in scientific terms, there really is no “dark side” of the moon. Instead, that part of the moon that always appears dark to us is, in reality, known as the “far side” and receives approximately the same amount of light as the near side of the moon. Since we see only 59% of the moon’s surface, we mistakenly think the rest to be devoid of light, hence the “dark side” reference. From what I understand with my limited knowledge of science, the far side of the moon is only completely without sunlight during a full moon – when the sun is facing the moon with the earth in between them.

Enough of the science lesson. For literary and theatrical purposes, I must admit that the term “dark side” seems to be highly effective (From what I hear, Darth Vader has cookies there). And while I’ve yet to encounter Darth Vader or the proffered cookies, I have been tempted to mistake the “far side” for the “dark side” a time or two. And today, it is those thoughts that I am pondering.

Sometimes, I daresay, we all feel as if the “far side” is the “dark side” as we are confronted with too many questions. Questions like:
If all is lit, then why is not all light?
Why are so many things seemingly hidden from my line of vision?
Why am I constantly straining to see the 41% when the 59% is always before me?
Why the continual grasping for something other?
Why the perpetual looking for something beyond?
Why all this effort to hold something held at bay?

In short, why do I believe that if I cannot see the light, then the light must be absent?

It has been scientifically proven that my inability to see the far side of the moon does not reduce the amount of light to which it is exposed. Likewise, my perception of God’s love cannot diminish or increase His love. Love simply exists, because God is.

God is.

God is love.

God is light.

In the turning of circumstances, His light is present. No matter how quickly things appear to be spinning out of control, nothing can dissolve the rays of constant glowing. No revolution can diminish the brightness of His light. Nothing I do or do not do can lessen the reach of my Father. Sin cannot shorten His hand’s extension. My failings cannot rattle His plan of salvation. My faults never tip the scales… except to shift the weight of mercy in my direction.

All is light to the Light of the World.

God is light, and in Him there is no darkness at all. (1 John 1:5)

Take heart, my friend. No matter your current line of vision, in God’s domain there is no dark side. There is no far side. There’s only light.

God is near.




Within reach.

Within you.

Within me.

And all He is, is all we need



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