That’s How Love Works

You may have noticed my absence of posts the past two weeks. That’s because I only recently returned from a jaunt to England. And while my husband and I did manage to take a stroll through London one afternoon and spend a few hours at the British Museum, sightseeing was not the primary objective of this first overseas adventure together. We went there for a wedding. A wedding between our adopted Ugandan-born son and his lovely English bride.

I cant’ help but smile when I think of the ways that our heavenly Father works. When I prayed that God would scatter my children across the world for His glory, I never dreamed of how He would choose to answer that prayer. I had no inkling I would become “Mom” to a young African man whose presence in my life has turned out to be no less miraculous than that of my five natural-born children.

But I shouldn’t be surprised. That’s often how God works.

Continually, I am reminded that His ways are much higher than my own. His thoughts supersede my wildest dreams. His plans extend far beyond the greatest adventures I could ever conjure up. And the fulfillment of His purposes breaks down the strongest of defenses, bridging the widest gaps of division as He brings lives together from across the nations.

Because that’s what LOVE does.

Brings us all together.

Against the backdrop of a world often set at odds, pitting nation against nation, I had the amazing privilege of being in a foreign land with people from other countries, races, and cultures all gathered together because of LOVE. And I belonged there. An American mom… with a Ugandan-born son… who was marrying an English bride… supported by a best man from China… alongside English and Hungarian bridesmaids… with the officiating Scottish-Australian pastor… planning to return to Mexico as a missionary couple to share the LOVE of God with a people who need to know of the hope that is found in Christ.


Too often, it is easy to see the hatred.

It’s easy to think the worst of people.

It’s easy to lump an entire nation of individuals into one unfairly judged category due to the actions of one extremist.

In the middle of so much hurt, it’s easy to forget love.

But these past few days, I’ve been reminded. I’ve seen love shine brightly. I’ve watched two lives bridge the divide of race, continents, and culture to meld into one. I’ve watched a young man who has overcome an incredible amount of rejection and hardship stand and pledge his love to another with the assurance of being accepted. And I’ve been honored to stand with him and welcome his new wife into our crazy, God-ordained, international family.

In short, I’ve watched God’s LOVE at work.

More importantly, I’ve been a part of God’s love at work.

One small piece of the blessing.

And in giving my love to a young man in need of a Mom,  I’ve received much more than I have given.

Because that, my friend, is how God’s love works.


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