Regifting Beauty

The Saturday before Mother’s Day, I purchased a dozen roses to use in decorating for a small wedding reception held in honor of my son and his new bride. That same evening my husband presented this “gently used” bouquet to our youngest daughter at the conclusion of a dramatic performance in which she had a role. Apparently Lydia had requested for her dad to bring her flowers, and since there were some so readily available, my husband happily obliged.

The next morning, Jon once again gathered this up-cycled arrangement of floral beauty and extended it to me with a mischievous grin and a “Happy Mother’s Day!” I couldn’t help but smile as I looked at my husband’s face andĀ  accepted the proffered pink flowers. Ah, the joy of a gift that keeps on giving!

Lest you think my husband is always so cheap… ahem, I mean thoughtful, I must tell you that our daughter was delighted her father would hold a bouquet of flowers throughout an hour-and-a-half-long performance just for her. She giggled as their shared sense of humor revealed itself amidst a handful of pale, pink roses. And I couldn’t hold back the smile when I noted the cute grin behind the unique Mother’s Day sentiments, either.

The more I thought about this bundle of blooms that continued to make its rounds from person to person, the more I was reminded of the importance of “regifting” the beauty that surrounds us each day.

All too often we think we have to come up with something extravagant in order to impress people, when all it sometimes takes is something as simple as passing on a bit of beauty that is within reach.

Sharing a portion of the gift that is within you.

At the same reception where the flowers made their debut, two of my best friends and my sister extended beauty to me through their willing hands of service. Because it had been a very full and hectic week for me (to say the least), they stepped in to help. My sister baked and decorated the cake. Another friend gathered pretty jars from her home to add to the decor. My other friend found some leftover ribbon and proceeded to take the initiative of making garlands of bows to run down each table. In short, they each used the beauty that was at their disposal and “regifted” it as a blessing to others.

Too often we are tempted to withhold beauty, thinking that what others have to give is somehow more valuable than our own rather wilted offerings.

I am so glad my sister and friends were not selfish or inhibited with their talents. I’m thankful they did not view each other as competitors, but instead worked together to serve in ways that were uniquely their own. Ways that were very much needed and appreciated. They simply shared what they had. Although they perceived their gifts of service as small things, to me, each offering was lavish and lovely. The combination of their gifts created a place for beauty to work its way into hearts, mine most of all.

Never underestimate the beauty that is within you or think that your gifts are somehow unworthy of bringing joy to others.

You were created with the purpose of bestowing YOU upon the world. And that makes the perfect gift every time.

So don’t hold back. Don’t bottle up the beauty within. Release it, and bless the world with the joy of offering yourself.

Regift the beauty.

No matter how small a gift it may seem.

Who knows? It may be the very thing God chooses to make someone’s day a little brighter.

Even if it is comes in the form of a gently-used bouquet.


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