The Rebel Duck

Not long ago, a friend posted this photo on facebook:


While the sentiment enclosed was a positive encouragement to “go against the crowd,” I looked at the lone duck and thought, “That’s exactly what happens when I attempt to get my ducks in a row.” As much as I try to corral my many tasks and responsibilities, there is always a “rebel” out there. Something that refuses to come under my authority and behave according to my expectations. The audacity of that lone duck!

Because I tend to be organized and task-oriented by nature, one of the things that absolutely drives me crazy is… interruptions. You would think after raising five children spaced within nine years of each other I would be laid back and mellow, but unfortunately that is not the case. I still have the mother duck fetish for aligning things in a neat row and expecting them all to follow along smoothly. No time for stray ducklings. And yet, there is always that annoying little stuff and fluff that wants to meander aimlessly while I am marching with staccato rhythm to an internal drumbeat. A  cadence that prods me toward accomplishing every task in my carefully-planned (and most often, too-full day).

And when one little duck goes to wandering, I go ballistic.

It’s incredible how easily I allow one little interruption to set my entire day off-kilter. How effortlessly irritation slips in and upsets my peaceful disposition. And while many of you can understand and perhaps even share in my propensity toward “interruption irritation,”  I have come to the conclusion that it is one of the sins that most easily ensnares me.

It’s true. I am a repeat offender.

When it comes to allowing my flesh to overrule my spirit man, this is my besetting sin. And as much as I seek God’s intervention and forgiveness regarding this particular struggle, I am sure to need His grace again.

Because ducks are prone to wandering.

As am I.

Yet as often as I respond in frustration to moments of interruptions, God responds in mercy toward me.

And I am grateful.

Grateful that God never views my exceeding neediness as an interruption.

Grateful that He always responds with kindness as He leads me toward repentance.

Grateful that His mercies are promised to be extended to me – morning after morning, day after day. Duck after duck.

As I head into yet another day where I am certain to be interrupted, may I do so with a heart that yields quickly to the Spirit’s tug toward holiness. Even if my ducks are tugging to break free from the row of my carefully-organized life.

May I bring myself into submission before God before attempting to corral a stray duckling. And maybe, just maybe, I might even allow myself a few moments to meander along. Who knows, there just may be a bit of joy found off the beaten path of my carefully-laid plans.



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