Receiving the Mystery

I hunger for filling in a world that is starved. ~Ann Voskamp

These words ring true as they bounce and resonate within my heart and mind. I am consistently seeking to find fulfillment where empty is the offer of the day. And as I look around me, it is easy to see I live in the company of others who are searching for the other that is not. Seeking redemption where sin abounds. Looking for safe passage to escape this void of empty.

To find the other requires breaking away from this illusion of all.

It means my feet must intentionally turn from the too-easily-consuming ways of this world and run toward God’s tugging on my heartstrings, even when His pull seems less than gracious.

This path of faith and fulfillment is one that requires stepping into the air, past the veil of confinement, and free falling into the wonder and beauty of being caught up with His glory. His otherworldly grace that is mine for the capturing. But this stepping and falling first necessitates a turning of heart. A revolution from the deceptive notion that all there is… is all there is.

Contrary to what we are so easily tempted to believe, more is to be found beyond this world’s hem. God is full and overflowing, coming to starved soul with the Body and Bread of Life and living. But those who crave its flavor must reach out for it. With faith.

When God’s newly freed people, the Israelites, gathered manna in the wilderness, they were eating of a mystery. What made no sense in the realm of the earthly was sustaining them, nonetheless, as they were filled with the inexplicable. And though they may have wondered over the miracle of their provision, they accepted the mystery from the hand of God. And they were satisfied.

Thousands of years later, and the mystery remains. Like the Israelites, I, too, am given this priceless offering – to receive what I cannot comprehend. A way of living in fullness when all appears empty. To accept the mysterious portions of this life.

Those moments that make no earthly sense to finite mind. Those pains that tug me toward doubting His goodness. Those times when I ache to clench my fists against all the empty and simultaneously beat upon the chest of too much.

Those days when I’m tempted to trip on the baffling and fall against what I cannot understand instead of falling into the largeness of grace.

It is here I am given the invitation to open hands wide and receive the mystery – allowing it to pass through sifting fingers as I look to the One who holds all eternal solutions, even when He chooses not to share those solutions with me. Who sustains and satisfies me in the middle of the unknown as I embrace the unsolved while skydiving through the rush of empty and broken.

And in this leap of faith, I defy the world’s logic as I am encompassed and filled. Plunging past the empty, I breathe in His presence and come up grasping new life. Content to live with the mystery.

Satisfied to leave the answers in His care while I busy myself gathering this heavenly manna – the Bread of Life, broken for me. 



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