The Good News is…

This week I received an email from my adult daughter (slight pause while Mama attempts to wrap her mind around that seeming oxymoron – when did my children become adults?). In her typical storytelling fashion, my “little girl” filled me in on the most recent happenings of her life with a series of “good news/bad news” statements. Similarly to the famous Fortunately/Unfortunately word game often played, her sentences ranged from the disappointing to the humorous as she began each one “The good news is…” and finished with, “The bad news is…” As I read and rode the emotional roller coaster of her words, I couldn’t help but smile at her closing remark:

“The good news is… Jesus is taking care of me.

…And there can’t really be any bad news as long as that statement remains true.”

If I ever doubted proof of my daughter’s maturity, she placed all questions to rest with her confidence in a God who promises to sustain and carry her through life’s ups and downs. She knew the truth, and she was able to speak it over her life and hold onto it with a faith that is grounded in grace. God’s grace.

The perspective of a life held and kept by God’s goodness is what holds and keeps us through the twists and turns of this battered highway of living.

I’ll admit that sometimes it’s difficult to look for the seemingly obscured good when the bad is so glaringly apparent. It’s hard to hold onto hope when wave after wave of disappointment and hurt crashes upon the remnants of a solid foothold of faith, threatening to dislodge it completely. It’s a constant challenge to fix our eyes upon the One who remains a bulwark of safety and refuge through it all. But it’s necessary.

While the invitation to “seek the Lord” is general, the actual act of doing so is personal. Choosing to believe in God’s goodness above everything else in my life. Inviting His Presence to fill the present – no matter what seems to be warring against me. No matter how much I’m tempted to believe He has somehow “gone missing.”

Like the Psalmist in 27:13, the truth is: I would have lost heart, unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living.

When broken down from the Bible concordance and lexicon definitions, this verse can be paraphrased into the following:

I would have lost heart and fainted from exhaustion, had I not believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.  I would have languished from the madness of it all, unless I had trusted in the Lord’s support, positioning myself to behold and joyfully consider the beauty of my eternal God – Jehovah, the Lord – the One who nourishes and revives me.

Life can be exhausting. Relationships, circumstances, work-related stress, family crisis, sickness, abusive situations… the list is endless. The temptation to “languish from the madness of it all” faces us time and again as “bad news” continues to hit. BUT when we position ourselves to remember Father’s goodness and consider His beauty, our perspective is righted, and we are revived by the staying power of the Most High. Nourished by the goodness that remains in the midst of a world at odds with its Creator.

No matter your current circumstance, if you are in Christ, then you can join your belief with the truth of my daughter’s sentiments:

The Good News is, Jesus is taking care of me…

…And in light of that one solid truth, all other news pales in comparison – no matter how “bad” it may seem.


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