Ordinary Miracles

So, I’m stepping WAY out on a limb here and jumping in with a group of writers to take the Five-Minute-Friday challenge over at http://www.lisajobaker.com/five-minute-friday. Basically, we are all given a prompt, then turned loose to write (uninhibited and unedited) for five minutes before posting to a link and sharing our raw thoughts with others. Needless to say, this is pushing me out of my comfort zone and stretching me to write and post quickly without the editor in me rising to the surface. And I have to admit that my first attempt at this was more like eight minutes instead of five, but please be gracious since I’m new to this. As long as they don’t place a time limit on how long I have to link up to all of this, then I should be fine. Can you say, “technologically challenged”?

Here’s to today’s word of ORDINARY:

Mountains of laundry, meals to cook, groceries to buy, school work to grade, emails to write, prayers to pray, articles to edit, bills to pay…

The list of the ordinary continues to grow and morph throughout the years with the unbroken rhythms of life. Nothing much exciting happens as days slip by turning from Monday into Tuesday, then rushing to catch Wednesday and Thursday…week after week, month after month, season after season, year after year.

Why is it so easy to think of my every day as everyday? Why is it so common for us to look in the mirror or at the piles of laundry and dirty dishes piling up and accept that our lives are ordinary instead of seeing the miracle that dwells in each moment? Seriously, is any of this God-infused life truly “ordinary”? In reality, there’s nothing ordinary about this perfect rhythm which holds the universe in place. Nothing ordinary that keeps the gravitational pull between the moon and the earth and the sun and the stars in perfect synchronization so we don’t all go careening across the galaxies, and yet, I’ve been tricked into thinking that my surroundings are ordinary because they appear so commonplace.

Just because something is common does not make it ordinary.

The miracle of the moments lie in the eye of the beholder, and let’s face it, when I look in the mirror and behold my reflection, what I behold does not make me gasp in wonder and awe at the work of art that makes up me. Nor does my heart skip a beat as my hands sift through mountains of laundry, or scrub the dinner dishes, or grade the never-ending pages of schoolwork that make up the majority of my days. What I generally behold does not seem beautiful, it seems merely common. Nothing incredible about the umpteenth trip to the grocery or the gazillionth email to which I’ve replied this month. Just ordinary.

Because I have forgotten.

I cease to remember that every moment of living is a gift from my Creator. Every ordinary is merely an opportunity for the miraculous. Every breath, an invitation to connect with God as I inhale grace and exhale gratitude for this moment of living. A chance to see the world with eyes of wonder that are too often clouded with skepticism.

Seldom awed, but easily overwhelmed by the stuff of life instead of the God who indwells my moments and longs to make each one a miraculous reminder of Himself…

Right here in this moment of ordinary in which I’m living.



4 thoughts on “Ordinary Miracles

  1. I love this!! “Just because something is common doesn’t make it ordinary”… so true!! We can praise God for all of it: the common, the ordinary, the extraordinary!! He is worthy of our praise!! Thanks for sharing!

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