Strong Things

There’s a difference between being brave and doing things that are strong.

Strong starts small where fear can be present.

Strong conquers weak minds and overcomes those battles that war within us.

Strong walks into places like sex trafficking rings, abortion clinics, and poverty-stricken mountain villages with the desire of rescuing victims. But strong also walks across the yard to its elderly, next-door neighbor; shows up day after day in the workplace; and reaches out to that cranky person standing next to it in the grocery checkout line.

Bravery is a trait I want to see in my life, but the reality is: Sometimes I am terrified.

Mostly, I’m afraid of my inner voice. Those thoughts wreaking havoc against this tremoring brave attempting to rise within. But this apprehension need not paralyze me.

I can still take steps toward the strong in the midst of fear, because greater is He who is in me than he who is in the world. God is the One who carries me toward strong, enabling me to do hard things even when bravery seems to have vanished. He is the One who nudges me, step after tiny step, toward courageous living.

Much like the mustard seed which Jesus refers to in Matthew 13:31-32, a small seed of strong can provide a large haven of rest and refreshing for others. Planted in faith and nurtured with love, the strong springs to life – budding, growing, sprouting – entwining itself across my relationships. Overtaking weak thinking, choking out doubts, determining to make an impact, even though I may be shaking with fear over the thought of confronting something that needs to be taken down and out. Working its roots into the heartache of this world, strong provides a place of shelter for those who are weak, giving a place of rest so wings can heal and fly once more.

Don’t allow a lack of bravery to hold you back from reaching out to others. Start in your weakness and fear, then move forward toward the strong, chanting your daily mantra of: Thou shalt not succumb to the voice of forever small.

After all, that mustard seed proves mighty tough and stalwart once placed in its rightful position and given room to grow.


So bury your tiny seed of strong in the fertile soil of your passion, and allow it to germinate despite the weeds of fear growing nearby.


Your strong is needed, dear warrior. People are waiting for the haven of rest that only you have to offer. It’s time to heed the voice of those passions calling you to step out and believe… for yourself and for others.


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