More Than an Interval

Emmanuel did not come to be with us simply to create an interval where we could catch our breath before returning to the ordinary. Majesty did not don the robes of humanity to give us a change of scenery, a break from the usual pace. No, He has come to interrupt our existence. He has come to restore what was lost. He has come to transform the familiar into mystery and wonder. He has come to make all things new. This sacred pause is a catapult into uncharted territory, where the Divine collides with your story and redirects your path. You have permission to begin again. (from Just Adela)

As surely as the bows and tinsel are packed away with the ribbons and lights, so too, is the Christmas spirit which was just recently merry and bright. Marked down and sold at discount prices, there’s barely any reminders of the red, green, and gold decking the aisles of department stores. Treasured ornaments are tucked away in closets, lights are dimmed and carefully wrapped before being cloistered away in some box marked “fragile” as all signs of Christmas are removed from our dwellings.

For Christmas is, after all, merely a short reprieve from life as usual…

But that’s never the way God intended for Christmas to be. The birth of Glory among the souls of mankind was to be so much more than a story read once and put away until the following year. Majesty did not don robes of humanity to simply come for a visit. Emmanuel did not merely drop by for a short stay at the manger. He came to take up permanent residence within our lives.

To transform the fake and temporary with the authentic and eternal. For keeps.

Much more than a string of lights brightening the boughs of an artificial pine tree, the Light of the World has come to transform the darkness with the dawning of grace and truth. He has come to make all things new. To breathe life into the barren and silent womb. To bring joy in the place of mourning and sadness. To give peace that nestles into the souls of men and never leaves.

He has come to be with us – right here in this mess of hurt and pain that we call humanity- and He plans to stay until all is made right.

Until you and I are made right.

No matter that we may think the task impossible.

After all, impossible is merely an invitation for the Holy to come and declare Himself as Lord of all.

As Lord of us.



Healer and Restorer.

Author and Finisher of lives.

What will it require for you to invite Christ to collide with your story and redirect your path, to transform the pages of your heart and fill them with mystery and wonder?

In short, what will it take for you to allow the Spirit of Christmas to come and remain so you can celebrate all year long?


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