For those whose thoughts have been holding them captive, may you find release and know the peace that surpasses understanding…





Thoughts twist ‘round and through
Motives mingled with impurity.
Emotions churn like turning tides
Struggling to conquer and subdue.
Guilelessness gives sway,
Tugged from shifting sand
While innocence gasps for breath
Beneath crashing waves of deceit.

Habits rise and fall,
Tumbling in and out,
One after the other.
Each struggling for firm footing
To become
King of the Mountain
On the playground
Of my soul.

From the past
Accelerate doubts
For the future,
Cutting off hope
For the present.
Despondency is captor’s name,
Indifference, my bedfellow
As I surrender to this
Self-imposed confinement.

Breath of Heaven,
Send Your wind.
Rattle prison doors
With Voice that named the stars.
Awaken truth to
Stir these bones long dead.
Sprinkle Your stardust of mercy
Upon this wayward life.

Raise me to joyous heights
As I dare to trust,
Dare to dream
Once more.
Sweep through the chaos.
Tug my heartstrings
Toward Your presence.
Work Your magic and
Untangle me.


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