the covenant

while I sleep unaware
like Abraham of old
in the deep darkness
You walk with open eyes
this covenant between us
swearing by the very holiness
of Your name

though I slumber
I am sealed
fully Yours
because of Your vow
of faith
and goodness
because of Your life
Your sacrifice
Your love

a blaze of fire
sears the earth between us
forever marking me
as Your own
branding me as beloved
of the Lord Most High
covenant complete

light breaking through darkness
awakening the dawn of us
Your words
mingle with promises
of possession
and all is grace
overflowing wonder
linking heaven and earth
birthing blessing
in the renaming of me

emptied and filled
with one Holy Breath of heaven
descended upon me
promise of heritage eternal
legacy of love divine
bound to blessing
with the echoes of Eden
drawing me toward home.

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