Fish Smarts

My husband is a fish-whisperer.

True story.

With the frigid winter temperatures we experienced over the past few months, my hubby was a little worried that some of his fish might not have survived such a cold snap. Now, you have to understand something about Jon – he loves watching his fish. Apparently the fish love him, too, as attested to by their excited behavior at seeing him when we took a walk by the pond the other evening with our son and daughter-in-law.

Jon was delighted to find a passel of multi-sized fish swimming near the water’s edge. I seriously think it was the highlight of his day. All that worrying, only to find that his friendly flock had braved the pond depths through the wintry months. The smile on his face was a small thing, but it warmed my heart to see him enjoying something so simple as fish swimming to water’s surface. Apparently the fish were equally excited to note that my husband survived the cold winter, too. When Jon moved, the fish moved, matching speed of fins to the pace of his step as he skirted pond’s edge.

Even though there were three other people standing near, only Jon had the fish’s attention. When he moved away from the water to get some food from the shed, the fish hovered in place, awaiting his return. It mattered not that my son, who is of strikingly similar stature to his dad, began to walk along water’s edge coaxing them to follow. The fish held their position, refusing to shadow the movements of Josiah. Not until Jon returned did they leave their silent sentinel, once again moving to trail after my hubby as though none of the rest of us existed.

His presence was all that drew their attention. His image was the only one they followed. No matter how deceptive my son’s shadow may have appeared, the fish were wise enough to notice the difference and were not about to be foolishly baited. No pun intended.

If only I would be so wise.

When it comes to chasing after the false images Satan dangles on glinted hook before me, I all-too-easily take the bait and end up ensnared on his line. Forget the wisdom of Solomon; just give me fish smarts. Eyes that remain fixed upon the One who is worthy to follow. The One who seeks my benefit and provision. The One who leads me daily toward the place of nourishment and growth.

If only I would stay in step with Him.

Moving when He moves.

Remaining fixed and stable when He lingers in one place.

Trusting that His presence will be there to provide for me day after day, even when it seems we’ve been separated for a season.

Refusing to follow Satan’s imitations, no matter how much they appear to mimic my Lord’s movements.

Growing to know Jesus enough to detect the nuances that are His alone, and longing after His presence that is sure to come.

You know, a gal would do well if only she had the smarts of a fish…




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