Wholly Comsumed to be Wholly Me

Reveal Yourself to me,
And grant me eyes to see
Myself in You.
The vision of a life
Consumed in Yours.
Grow larger and clearer

I grow smaller and more obscure,
Yet remain significant
And loved
Because of You
In me.

To live in perfect harmony with the Savior and Creator of me – this truly is my desire. Yet I fall short of it, time and again, as I struggle to come to grips with my identity as the Beloved of Christ.

From grasping for glory to fleeing the very glory that He has given, I swing wildly back and forth between the two. It’s hard to find just the right balance of me in Christ and Christ in me.

Perhaps the keys is found in John 3:30 – He must increase, but I must decrease.

While that thought initially makes me think I will totally lose myself in Jesus, I have grown to understand that it is there where I will also completely find myself, too.

It’s true, you know. I am never more wholly me than when I am wholly consumed by Jesus.

Unfortunately, I seldom allow the sway of holy to overwhelm me to the degree I wish. Falling short; swimming in the depths of my own selfishness; struggling against the tides of self-doubt; giving in to those temptations that He assures me He can overcome through me.

And so I pray and repent and receive the grace that is extended endlessly in unfathomable amounts – a grace that never diminishes in its transforming power.

A grace that never falls short, though I so often do.

Again and again, I come. The needy one. Reaching. Always reaching to grasp the divine instead of contenting myself to be grasped by the Divine.

And again and again, I find this endless love as I sink into the depths of Christ and rise to the surface of me alive in Him…

And He alive in me.


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