Open These Hands

Sometimes I clench them tightly,
bent on holding,
intent on keeping
things to myself that were never mine to possess.

Sometimes I clasp them together
with anxiousness,
deftly squeezing out any chance of
peace and calm infiltrating their locked doors.

Sometimes I play childhood games with them,
pretending they cradle people
with fleshly pews for sitting and
fingered steeple hovering over imaginary church.

When really, my hands are the Church,
an extension of Your body,
broken to cradle the sins of the earth
and spill out new life where death once reigned.

So why do my hands not shadow Your own?
Why are they slow to heal and comfort?
Why do they hesitate to reach out with love?
Why do they not scatter glory?

Why do these hands You created
for openness
so often remain clutched together,
trembling in fear of being seen?

Pry them free, Master,
and make them fit for more than
clutching and grasping
to fill themselves.

Release this heart to open hands,
and open these hands to release this heart.

IMG_2455This post was written in conjunction with Five Minute Friday’s word prompt of “hands.” You can join us here:



8 thoughts on “Open These Hands

  1. Words fail me…This is absolute beauty written here! I just want to read and re-read and pray it from my heart to my Father! Thank you for this, Barbara! My daily prayer is for Jesus to pry my hands apart to replace the clenched fists I so often gravitate to.

    • Thanks, Sara. This one flowed easily from my heart because it is an honest confession, and an honest prayer. I’m glad it spoke to you, too. Blessings!

    • You are definitely welcome to use this, Roseanne. May we both live with open hearts and open hands. Be Blessed!

  2. Such a pretty post! I love the picture and especially when you wrote, “Pry them free, Master.” It was a post that needed to be written. Eloquence and honesty, beautiful! In Christ, Cindy your FMF “neighbor”

    • Thanks, Cindy! Sometimes those simple prompts from FMF strike a deep chord within my heart. This was one of them.

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