Receive the Moment

Whatever the pace of my life, time will keep it.

Whether my days are a flurry of activity or a lounging Sabbath rest, time holds steady.

Minutes tick by with rhythmic precision. No matter the frantic cadence of my heart racing to fill the moments as I rush from one thing to another, and somehow only manage to come up empty the more I grasp for stillness. Thinking to lay my hands upon abundant life by cramming my schedule with more, I fail to realize that time keeps its own pace. It fills and empties at the same rate, and there is no amount of hurry that can wish it away or make it linger long.

Time holds constant. Continues on, beat by beat. Slipping by minute after minute, while I am caught in this never-ending cycle of trying to make the most of the moments. I remain in this whirlwind of forgetting that more is found in less and satisfaction often shows itself in simplicity.

Grace is grown in rest with God.

Abundant life flourishes in abiding, gathering strength and nourishment from moments spent in communion with Father.

Why is it so hard to slow down when I know it is what God would ask of me?

Why do I cave to the temptation to hurry through each day instead of basking in each precious heartbeat, knowing full well it could be my last?

Today I am reminding myself to enjoy the moments. No matter that I am certain to need the reminder again, possibly even before this hour has ended. For now, I am choosing to tarry with time instead of zipping past its presence.

I want to linger with loved ones and squeeze bits of solitude into my days.

To slow down.


Soak in Sabbath rest.

To learn to make the most of my time and live each second.

To be here now.

Fully present.

As I open wide and receive the moment.

IMG_4141To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heavens…


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