A Judgment of Life or Death?

Judgment causes death. Every single time.

The more I considered the above statement, the stronger the urge grew to war against it.

“Not so!” my heart replies. All judgment does not cause death. God’s judgment brings life – resurrection life which follows the death of all that must be destroyed.

While I can concede there is a harsh and horrid judgment of death poured out upon the Cross of Christ, there is also the merciful judgment of life overflowing from an empty grave. A judgment that beckons me toward truth and light, inviting me to partake of all that is pure and good.

This judgment declares me not only innocent, but holy. A merciful judgment proclaiming my value as daughter and bride, beloved of the Lord, partaker of life eternal.

Rising in the wake of an anguished “Father, forgive!” crests the powerful command of “Come forth!”

ressurectioncrossandemptytombAnd I, once bowed and crushed by the weight of sin’s judgment, now shed these grave clothes at the sound of His calling and step forth as one set free.

Set free by the audacious act of an undeserved yet purely righteous judgment.

I stand the ransomed victor.

Not because all judgment causes death, but because a Savior’s judgment sweeps across the ageless realms of glory and speaks on my behalf, “Arise and shine, My Beloved.”

In that moment of chains breaking and tombs cracking open, I gasp in awe at the glory of His judgment, savoring the first taste of new life that dawns with this beautiful realization.

It is freedom that becomes me.
And it is judgment that gives me LIFE.



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