In the Silence of Me

Sometimes I sit and pray without words to a God who knows.

He simply knows.

I am comforted by that truth.

The rate at which thoughts careen through my mind often leaves me confused and reeling. On the flip side, the utter nothingness into which I sometimes lose myself is just as baffling. In these moments of extreme, I am thankful Father simply knows.

Like a wizened treasure seeker, He peruses the eccentric collection of my thoughts and dreams, overlooking the ones which contain no value, those decoys placed to distract from the true find. I rest in knowing He is always up for the task of sorting through me. Continually drawing me close to Himself when I am at a loss for words.

In the silence, He hears me loud and clear and whispers back with answers to those unspoken longings.

The ones I ignore.

The ones overlooked and unheard by others.

In this strange mixing of spirit and flesh and soul, I find a connection to God. Deep calls to deep in this expanse of thoughtful silence where my smallness is celebrated by His largeness. And I rest secure within the steady hold of One who knows me well, and loves me still.

Here in my silent prayers.



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