To Pollute the Shadows

contrary to what we’ve been told
the world needs to be polluted
infiltrated without filter

shadows long to be overrun
and darkness overcome
by the 
light of love’s pureness

a calling to arms
of arms outstretched
with mercy overflowing

a turning from judgment
without remembrance
of grace poured out on calvary

we are called to shed light
not cast more shadows
onto an already blackened earth

freely we have received
yet tightfisted we live
intent on holding what is not ours alone

loosen the hands
release the rivers of forgiveness
and bathe this world with holy

a holy that loves with
sweet melodies of grace and
overtures of righteousness not our own

let spirit rise
to pollute the shadows and
overtake the stifling blackness

from heavenly arms outstretched
through earthly hands wide open
caressing this world with love light

10384848_10203913296338973_2161460174695366514_n(photo credit to Fran Smith)




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