And Then I Remember…

And then I remember…

This statement is at the bedrock of my day-to-day faith. Those times when living this Christian life doesn’t seem miraculous or remarkable in the least. Just mediocre and mundane. Just laundry and car pools and schoolwork and the endless assembly line of to-dos.

And then I remember…

I remember the stirring of a young girl’s heart rushing into the outstretched arms of a Savior.

I remember the moment Jesus became real to me for the very first time and for the scores of “first time” moments that have occurred throughout my years.

I remember the miracle of healing touch as a shortened leg stretched out to catch up with its partner, and the thick, insole insert was removed from my shoe and ceremoniously dumped into the trash can.

I remember the bubbling of Spirit’s presence coursing through me, spilling out with sheer joy in a high no earthly drug could offer.

I remember being convicted of sin and of righteousness, gently turned to yield to a better way.

I remember the untold times when peace has stilled my quaking heart and calmed my racing thoughts with the simple truth of I AM being known in me.

And as long as I remember, I am held.




Graced with the faith to hope and believe still.

IMG_4558This I recall to my mind, therefore I have HOPE. – Lamentations 3:21


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