Finding Faith at the Edge of Risk

Jesus called His disciples to be a lot of things, but “safe” was not one of them.

My husband and I are standing at the edge of risk, and we are preparing to step over that edge this week regarding a particular decision. We realize things could turn out badly if God does not carry the day. We could be in over our heads. This could be a mistake.


This also could be a direct answer to a prayer we’ve been holding in our hearts for several years. This could be the fulfillment of a dream and a way of releasing us to greater things. This could be yet another opportunity for us to see God’s hand moving on our behalf as we lean heavily upon Him.

This step of faith could be just that – a step of faith.

After all, what is faith without a risk?

So here we go – daring to step out, taking that risk, and trusting God to be there on the other side of our obedience.

In her book Restless, Jennie Allen writes the following: “I am terrified. This could fail. This may not even be from God. And I am going to do it anyway.”

She was not referring to a blatant “in your face, doing-it-my-way-no-matter-what” attitude toward God, but rather a “I’m trusting you to catch me if I fall because I think this is You, God, but I’m terrified still” approach to stepping into something beyond mere human capacity.

Faith always takes us beyond mere human capacity.

Unfortunately, the majority of us live too timidly with our faith. Afraid of risk. Paralyzed into non-action by the threat of failure.

But what if this fear is the devil’s ploy? What if Satan is the one who is really afraid? Afraid you will succeed.

What if he sees the forces aligning themselves against him and knows his only hope of thwarting those forces is to send whispers of terror to halt your advance?

Do it anyway.

Do the thing that is calling you to lean heavily upon the Lord, and step beyond the safe and secure where human hearts tend to want to dwell.

The worst that could happen is that you will fail… and hopefully learn from your mistakes.

If God is stirring something within your heart that you know you’d never dream up on your own, chances are you are onto something. And chances are Satan will be scurrying to your doorstep to convince you otherwise.

Don’t allow fear to stop you from chasing that dream. Don’t allow unbelief to sway you from experiencing God’s best plans for your life.

Don’t shrink back.

Instead, allow the unknowns and the uncertainties to lead you closer to God (and therefore, further from the devil’s taunts). Those things you are unsure of? They are fully known to God. That includes your heart and all its desires and dreams.

God knows all about our insecurities, our struggles to believe, our fears of fully trusting… and He is not moved by any of them.

Did you hear that? God is not shaken by your shaking faith. Not one little bit. Nothing causes Him to come undone, not even our doubts of His very existence.

Nothing you or I can do or not do makes God anything less than Himself, and therein lies all the confidence we need.

So take a deep breath, my friend, then take that first step beyond the border of safe and comfortable, knowing Father will be there to order your next step… and the next… and the next.

You and I don’t have to see the end from the beginning. We really don’t even need to see beyond that next step. We just need to take it and lean heavy upon faith.

A faith that really is not so much a risk as it is a rest.

A rest in knowing God is the one known in all the unknowns, and that is really all we need to know.

iStock_000001947951Small-e1348078935760What about you? Have you ever stumbled upon faith at the edge of risk? Is God calling you to take that step beyond your comfort zone today? I’d love to hear your stories – of faith or of fear – so please take a moment to leave a comment below.



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