Loved as One… and All

We are not simply a group of people known as Christians. We are thousands upon thousands of unique individuals spilling across the centuries. One by one, present and accounted for fully beneath the shadow of Calvary’s mercy.



One by one by one… Called specifically. Forgiven personally. Loved uniquely. Each fully freed into the role as Father’s favorite. Ransomed heart after ransomed heart. Each called to take our rightful position in this Kingdom of divine heritage.

Each fitting perfectly into the distinct place predestined for us within the global and timeless, beautiful body of Christ.

One. Each. All.

A feat much more miraculous than any worldly display of power.

A treasure more precious than the most exquisite of earthly gems.

A love that is once and done, yet continually growing and drawing me more fully into the fullness of its depths. Uniting me with its Creator and Sustainer, the One who is, who was, and who will always be the complete and only rendition of perfect love.

As I lean toward grace, turning my ears once more to Calvary’s suffering whispers and Resurrection’s triumphant shout, the two blend so completely there is no separating them in my heart’s declaration of love. There would be no victory over the grave without the sacrifice of death. Nor would there be hope for death to be conquered without the shattering of sealed tomb.

One cannot stand without the other.

As I ponder the magnitude of both the suffering and the joy, my heart is overwhelmed that the One would choose to love this one.

Me. You.

Each. All.

Good Friday was for us.
Easter Sunday was for us.
And every moment in between our understanding of the two extremes continues to be for us, too.

May our hearts burn with longing to know the One who knows the intricacies of so great a Love, and may we come to understand more fully and completely how fully and completely we are loved. Not just as one among many, but as one who was seared upon the heart of Father through the scars of His Son. Engraved forever upon His hand. Embraced individually in our sins and hatred, and covered completely by forgiveness and acceptance. Our bad banished for good.

So come as you are, dear one. Come again into the shadow of the Cross and allow yourself to be emptied and consumed by its suffering on your behalf, then walk with uplifted head in the light of a deserted tomb declaring your freedom.

For now.

And for forever.

And for all those in-between moments when doubts seem to be speaking louder than faith.

Your position is waiting, and so is your King.

One for all… and One for one.

OldRuggedCross_Sept06cropBWsmall.sized_                                      Come let your heart be ransomed.


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