To Rest the Heart

Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. (Exodus 20:8)

In a list of mostly “thou shalt nots,” the command to rest is first issued with a charge to remember. Probably because we so easily forget to slow down in this tilt-a-whirl life rushing past us.

Remember to set aside time for holiness.
Remember to desist from your long list of “to-dos.”
Remember to make space for rest in your lives.
Remember to ponder your God and give Him the honor His presence deserves.
Remember your roots of slavery and celebrate your freedom.
Remember this day as a sign between God and His people.

Remember to keep this call to holiness as you focus upon the overwhelming gift of salvation granted by a Savior whose love for you is limitless. This day, take delight in the Lord and be grateful.

Make the Sabbath a time of rest for your heart as you accept this invitation to lean into the Sacred. To breathe the scent of holy.

To celebrate the Sabbath means I must step back from the hustle and flurry of life’s activities while stepping into God’s peace. Releasing my tendency to rush. Slipping quietly beyond the veil of hurry, and wrapping my hands and my heart around tarry. Choosing to sit at my Savior’s feet while calming my heart in the presence of grace. Abiding. Stilled.

Inhaling the refreshment of a soul settled by Savior’s signature tracing images of love across my life.

Sabbath – an intermission from all that drains my energies day by day. A call to desist from the everyday activities of a too-full life and honor God with rest. And in the process, be honored with His presence in a deep and special way. Set aside to be sealed with love in this lingering. A coming away to a place where my spirit is both undone and restored simultaneously.

As humans, we can quickly turn the sacred into sacrament, creating a tradition out of most anything. I pray we will not do this with the Sabbath. I hope we will not make this just one more religious obligation. That our intent to honor God does not become a duty-bound ritual with a list of rules to follow.

Instead, let’s allow the substance of the day to belong to its rightful owner — Jesus.

Let’s invite Him to come as He wills. However He wants. Wherever He chooses. In ways not our own.

For it is not the traditions of men that initiate the presence of God; it is the presence of God which initiates the connecting of souls with Spirit. This union of dust and Divine.

It is His mercy which generates the true essence of Sabbath.

It is His working which gives us this celebration of rest.

So remember the Sabbath, my friend, by thanking our Lord for His faithfulness. Breathe in the gift of freedom granted you through Calvary’s cross. Claim the promises of redemption and abundant life.

Come away and rest your heart.. here in these sacred moments of Sabbath.



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