A Mosaic of Mercy

There’s always a reason for the breaking. Sometimes it’s simply because who I was cannot continue to support who I am becoming.

The earthen vessel must crack and expand even as my spirit grows. Filled with His own. What once seemed so stable and secure must shift in order to hold a new and better way of life. Of living.

Humility emerges, shaking the core of this humanity. Spirit breath stretches against containment, for what I am meant to hold cannot be confined by finite clay. The earthen vessel needs room to grow. This newness cannot coexist with the stagnant wine of yesteryear, else all becomes spoiled.

So let the cracking commence and continue as shards are set free. Broken to be filled. Deadened for a season, but not for forever. Simply making room to come back to life.

Releasing the past to grasp hold of a new present, I choose to believe I will be better for this breaking. No matter how much it hurts. No matter how empty before the filling.

Like the little town of Bethlehem, I scarce can make room for so great a redemption being birthed within these borders. With humbleness, I offer my soul’s shelter — unfit for the King, but chosen to bear His life, regardless.

Yes, I am broken, but not without purpose. Not without promise of a coming glory. Never without a plan of redemption in full view of the One who not only has eyes to see but holds the power to make all things new and beautiful.

So as I sit in the silence, falling apart bit by bit, I trust in being re-membered. Beauty in the making, refitted piece by piece to bring to life new life. Earthen vessel though I may be, He has chosen to place His other-worldly presence here.

bits of broken
splinters of hurt
shattered pieces

scooped up by divine hand
reaching beyond the breaking
revealing beauty beneath the scars
making room for Spirit.

gatherer of fragmented lives
You come into the splinters
with creative grace
determined to fashion a masterpiece
from the ruins of this soul
breathing life with artistic wonder
fashioning flawless
from the blemished and marred.

in humble awe I stand complete,
a mosaic of mercy at Savior’s feet.






4 thoughts on “A Mosaic of Mercy

  1. Utter perfection! A friend found this as we are in the midst of an emerging ministry that is centered around an already existing one we’ve had, “Beauty In Brokenness”
    One of our ministry aspects is the website entitled mosaics at Mercy so the gal creating it found your blog post and shared it. It is the exact place our lives are as followers of Christ and while painful, it’s also beautiful. I love seeing writings of others that have found this same truth. Blessings to you sweet one in Christ.

    • I’m glad this post resonated with you, Amy. I am definitely a mosaic of mercy, humbly receiving grace from divine hand again and again. I’m thankful our Savior is One who raises beauty from ashes and rebuilds the ruins of a life gifted into His hand. Broken though I may be, He still sees value here and is determined to make something beautiful from the mess of me. Blessings upon you and your ministry.

    • Welcome, Kathleen. Glad you stumbled across my blog. Life has taken a busy turn the past couple of months, so writing has been sparse. Hoping to get back at it soon. I’m thankful Father holds His children steady throughout all seasons and continues to make beauty from the ashes.
      Resting in His mercy,

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