In the Quiet of My Soul: An Advent Devotional – Day Ten

Surely I have composed and quieted my soul;
Like a weaned child rests against his mother,
My soul is like a weaned child within me.
O Israel, hope in the Lord from this time forth and forever.
— Psalm 131:2-3

Psalm 131 is a call to simplify life and humbly come before God as His content child.

Instead of being caught up in the turmoil of the world around me . . .
Instead of constantly rushing to keep up with others who do more or better . . .
Instead of looking down on those who do less . . .
Instead of fretting about the latest tragedy or terror across the globe or in the neighborhood . . .
I am called to calm myself.

To quiet my soul
To rest in Father’s care with complete reliance
Free of all worry
Loosed from every anxious thought
Prone to peace in place of panic because I have become prone to praise within His presence.

Nestled snug against Divine chest,
Settled by Spirit breath reminding me all is well because I am His.
Surrendered to the total withness of my Creator,
I am freed to rest deeply.
No cares need tug against me.
No stirrings dare unsettle one content to be kept by Father’s embrace.

Cradled in a wisdom that pulled mountains from ocean depths,
Held fast by the same power that placed planets across the universe.
The God who calls each star by name knows mine, as well.

So quiet down, soul.
Hush yourself, anxious thoughts.
Breathe deeply this scent of Savior come.
Settle yourself to hope in the Lord.
Give praise to the One who gives peace.

It is well, even when all appears as chaos.
Yes, it is well because I AM is . . .
And forevermore.

Be still, my soul, and live.

What about you? Are you resting in God today, content to entrust your cares into His more than capable hands? Or are you wrestling to keep hold of them yourself? Life can be filled with any number of challenges waging war on the peace we long to possess. Make a list of the things that are tempting you to forfeit that peace today. It may be relationship struggles, financial burdens, health issues, or a general unrest due to any number of reasons. Take your list to God, ask Him to shoulder the weight of it as you verbally and inwardly give each item to Him, then thank Him for the promise of hope in exchange for each one. Continue to remind yourself you have released these worries into Father’s care as you go about the week, and thank Him again and again for the hope He has promised to bring to you.


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