The Truth About Speculations

Don’t be lured away from Him by the latest speculations about Him. (emphasis mine)

So read the words from The Message’s referral to Hebrews 13:9 – a reminder that speculations and truth are not the same thing. Yet we are continually tricked into thinking it is so. Especially where Jesus is concerned.

The most obvious difference between the two is that speculations are alterable. Truth is not.

Speculations can morph and change at the whimsy of our feelings as we attempt to mask our desires with a righteous appearance. Seeking a stamp of approval for our wayward actions, we coerce truth to conform into an identity more appealing to our misguided wants. But rewriting the reality of Jesus and His truths is as futile as pushing the proverbial square peg into a round hole. It doesn’t work.


Jesus is not open to speculation. Who He is never changes. He continues to be Who He always was. And so does His truth.

There’s nothing new under the sun. The same snares are set to catch us as surely as they were hundreds and thousands of years ago. The same temptations tug us to redesign morality, calling evil good and good evil.

But renaming it doesn’t change it. It just changes us, and not for the better.

In a world where all is glitter and glam, it’s tempting to be lured away by shiny packaging. It’s easy to want things to be true when they sound so much more inclusive, when they give way to “rights” and “equality” and “freedom” for all to do as they deem best, no matter the repercussions to society at large or individuals at heart.

Lies adorned with brightly-colored ribbons still hold death inside. Poison still kills the one who consumes it, no matter how decorative the bottle from which it is served.

Be careful of reaching for privileges which are not a part of Truth’s offerings. Flee that tug toward unrighteousness even as you stretch to lay claims to the beauty of promises that are yours for the taking. Revel in this joy found in kingdom living, even when its truths go against everything the world is peddling.

We were made for better things, beloved.

This world, in all its smoked-screen glory, is not our eternal home. So let’s cease living as though it were. There’s no need to conform to its “insider” status when the only “in” we really need was given through the ripping of temple veil.

When it comes to truth, no speculations are necessary.

Jesus loves me, this I know.

This is truth.

And this truth is needed by all.

anchor-661991_960_720FOR REFLECTION
Are you ever tempted to skew truth to make it more palatable? Do you find yourself excusing immoral behavior (of your own or of others) because tagging it “sin” seems somehow offensive? Are there areas in your life where you need to adhere to truth, even when it goes against what others are peddling as tolerance? Ask God to help you see clearly as you navigate the difference between truth and speculation. He has promised to give wisdom to those who seek it. May you determine to do so in every area of your life.


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