Where Joint and Marrow Meet

such a fine line
barely discernible
yet You see it all
as great divide
here where joint
and marrow meet

each nuance
fully known
the tiniest of turning
noted with care
whether toward or against
and in this separation
You stand steady
reaching out
to bridge the gap
closing the distance
with mercy extended
grace free for the taking

I strain
with greedy hands
stretching to grasp Your love-life
knowing any distance between
is of my own making

mercy is a painful gift
to receive
its cost too high
its worth too priceless
to hand to spoiled child
yet You extend it still
and i need it so

here in mercy’s shadow
i bow low
humbled to be chosen
completely found out
yet so wholly loved
finding grace again
in this place of
deepest need
where the best of You
meets the worst of me
and freedom sings
its love song strong
once more.

sword-918542_960_720© merewhispers.wordpress.com

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