We Are But Dust

“Just as a father has compassion on his children, so the Lord has compassion on those who fear Him. For He Himself knows our frame; He is mindful that we are but dust.” – Psalm 103:13-14, NASB,  emphasis mine

As the famous Chris Tomlin song goes, “He’s a good, good Father.” But Mr. Tomlin is not the originator of that thought; a few thousand years before him, the psalmist who penned #103 knew the compassion of a loving heavenly Father intimately.

God is, indeed, a good Father.

One who is always aware, never forgetting just who I am. He is mindful I am nothing more than a fragile, earthen vessel.

My frame is weak and fallible.
Prone to fail, yet struggle on.
Trusting His mercy will save me yet again.

While my frame is frail and subject to cracking at the first sign of stress placed upon it, My Father is the foundation on which I stand. It is His underlying strength that maintains and supports me.

But sometimes I forget.

I forget WHO it is who stabilizes me against the chaos of this world. So I clamor and tug, attempting to hold myself (and everything and everyone else and all of their problems and responsibilities, etc., etc., etc.) together, straining to keep all things from unraveling in a messy heap about my feet.

Can I get an, “Amen, sister!” Anyone?

Why do I worry, and stress, and allow all sorts of disquiet to disrupt my soul?

Because I forget.

Because, unlike Father, I am not so mindful to remember that I am but dust.

On my own, I would surely fade away into nothingness. Even my next breath is beyond my control to accomplish without the Creator’s empowering it. But thankfully He does just that. And not merely giving attention to my physical being. No, He is far more interested in the health of my soul than this human body that is wasting away more and more each day.

It is here that He supports me when I am fatigued and soul-weary.

Right in the middle of my messy, mundane, tilt-a-whirl life spinning wildly out of control.

Like a perfect Daddy with ever watchful eyes, God rises to show me compassion. Refusing to leave me, despite my insistence to have it my own way, He steps in to save me.


And over.

And over again.

Left to my own devices, I would surely self-destruct on the daily. But God stands near, reaches out, and grasps me in my floundering. He recognizes my useless flailing to save myself and swoops in with gracious arms, wrapping His strength about me. Settling my soul. Whispering, “Peace, be still,” over my anxious thoughts. Calming the chaos churning in my heart.

Rescuing me

. . . from the schemes of the enemy.

. . . from the temptation to go it alone.

. . . from my forgetfulness in remembering that I am but dust.

Though Father knows full well.

He knows what I am able to bear, and what not.

He knows how fragile I am, how incapable of withstanding things on my own.

So He remains.

Hovering like a merciful Dad.
Standing watch over me 24/7.
Never slumbering.
Never letting down His guard over me.
Never taken by surprise.
Ready to step in before I break.
Reminding me of His extraordinary strength.
Smack dab in the frailty of my far-too-numerous-to-number weaknesses.

He. Is. Here.

Showing favor to me and to my children.

Extending boundless grace.

Ever aware of all things concerning me.

Remembering always, though I am oft tempted to believe He has forgotten.

Truly, what would become of me without His unfailing compassion coming to my aid, time and again?

How little I can do without Him.
How little I can bear.

For I am but dust.

But. . .
Father knows.
Father sees.
Father cares.

And in the middle of it all, Father reminds me He remembers.

And still delights to call me His own.

Mere dust though I may be.

Thoughts to Ponder: What about you? Do you ever need the reminder that your life and all its responsibilities are not dependent upon you alone? Do you struggle to maintain control over things that are far beyond your capabilities to fix, or do you look to God as the loving Father He desires to be and allow Him to carry your worries and strengthen you with a power that only comes from His Spirit? What are your biggest challenges in remembering that “you are but dust”? What steps can you take today to lean into God and trust Him to have compassion on you as you release your worries into His capable and loving hands?

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