Keeper of Universes and of Souls

There is One who numbers the stars and calls them each by name.
Who counts the grains of sand sprinkled across vast deserts and tucked in ocean depths
Who creates a myriad of snowflakes, each unique in frosty garb
Who refreshes the earth with droplets of summer showers poured from heavenly reserves
Who tallies the hairs upon my head
And knows my every thought before even one of them is formed.

The One who adorns meadows with spectacular array of wildflowers and bends rainbows to soothe the force of mighty thunderstorms is the One
who calls me His child.

Crafter of galaxies and of universes
Maker of the Milky Way
Painter of planets
Sustainer of solar systems
Designer of DNA
Caretaker of every living being that creeps and swoops and runs and flies.

This is Abba.

My Father.

The One who holds new mercies in store each day, inviting me to grasp them as my own.

Keeper of beggar hearts,
Come and show me once again what it means to live with
Christ in me.

Let us explore these wonders You’ve created.
And let’s begin with the ones waiting to be unearthed within my soul.

© 2018 


Make This Rescued Life a Song

Sovereign Savior,
You pursue me with relentless love,
determined to make something beautiful from this ash heap.
I bow in humble gratefulness,
thankful You can make sense of me when my thoughts are swirling
and my words tongue-tied.
When I don’t understand the twistings of my soul,
You are there untangling me.
Steadying my heart with reminders of grace given,
renewing my hope for today with memories from past deliverance.
Your goodness is present through it all.

Faith in You provides a continual knowing,
meeting each nuance of my being
without surprise or regret.
You are familiar with all my ways,
reaching to the deepest recesses of my soul,
grasping the very essence of me wrapped securely in You.
Your hand of blessing rests upon my head,
calming me and calling me
to look to You and live according to my namesake.

I spill out the brokenness of my life before You,
and watch in awe as the jumbled puzzle
is mysteriously and masterfully arranged by Your hand.
Piece by piece,
You insist on making all things new.
Redeeming the worst of me.
Reclaiming this wreckage of wayward heart.
Repurposing the very struggles Satan meant for my destruction.
Bringing forth victory in the wastelands of my faltering.
Carrying me through the severest of storms.

You are my Champion.
Savior Extraordinaire of my past.
Friend and faithful Companion for today.
Keeper of my future and my forever.
May this rescued life pour forth love songs to You,
singing the sweet melody of redemption from beginning to end.



Knowledge ≠ Faith

Knowledge is not faith; it is merely a distant cousin.

Knowledge can be measured and studied and controlled, but faith unleashed takes on a life of its own.

Faith blazes like a forest fire, spreading and consuming. Devouring the limits of mere information. Going beyond all borders formed by finite understanding.

Faith pushes against the seen and logical, delving into the depths of the unknown and mysterious. Giving birth to miraculous in the sometimes-yet-to-be-discovered-but-fully-real-and-within-reach realm of a believing soul.

Faith lingers close to the heart, but sometimes strays far from confining human comprehension.

For as soon as faith can be fully known, it ceases to be faith at all. A part of it must always remain a mystery and require a childlike confidence in its presence and purpose.

Otherwise, faith cannot be trusted.

Unless it pulls us beyond what we can prove, faith remains simply knowledge. It must dwell in this unmapped region between evidence and doubt.

This is where faith is vibrant.

This is where faith calls us to cast our hope.

This is where faith challenges us to stake our claim.

And this is where we will meet the miraculous face-to-face.

Here in the uncharted waters of trust in what not yet is, but still can be.


Prayers as Big as You

Grant me the faith to pray for miracles.

Stretch my heart to believe for healing,

For restoration of relationships that others would write off,

For Your perfect will to prevail sooner rather than later.

Open my eyes to see

The visions You have promised to reveal,

No matter how dark the path

Stretching before me.

Calm my heart to bend toward Your own,

As I rest in the assurance that all will be well,

Even when tumult surrounds

And chaos swirls with deafening force.

Grant me a heart that chooses to believe

You will deliver and keep my children,

To trust for prodigals to find their way back home,

And for grace to have the final say over sin.

Increase my faith,

And teach me to wield it with wisdom

As I plant my feet steadfastly in Your strength,

Determined to outlast the enemy of my soul.

Give me the courage to offer prayers
As big as Your love and Your power.


Where Earth and Heaven Touch

Mysterious One,
Take me by surprise.
Awaken me with the kiss of Spirit
Hovering near in every moment.
Startle me with the light of grace
Sweeping across these shadows,
A sudden realization of Your presence,
Ever present, always close beside.
Step into my moments,
Stir my heart to meet Your own,
Here where earth and heaven touch
In human spirit caught up with Divine.
Shaper of souls and of sunlight,
Unveil the glory of Your goodness.
Dance across my days,
Capture my attention by moonlight
As I move into Your kingdom rhythm,
Surrendered to Your leading.

Awaken me, O Keeper of Mysteries,
And reveal Your secrets.


Where Joint and Marrow Meet

such a fine line
barely discernible
yet You see it all
as great divide
here where joint
and marrow meet

each nuance
fully known
the tiniest of turning
noted with care
whether toward or against
and in this separation
You stand steady
reaching out
to bridge the gap
closing the distance
with mercy extended
grace free for the taking

I strain
with greedy hands
stretching to grasp Your love-life
knowing any distance between
is of my own making

mercy is a painful gift
to receive
its cost too high
its worth too priceless
to hand to spoiled child
yet You extend it still
and i need it so

here in mercy’s shadow
i bow low
humbled to be chosen
completely found out
yet so wholly loved
finding grace again
in this place of
deepest need
where the best of You
meets the worst of me
and freedom sings
its love song strong
once more.


A Mosaic of Mercy

There’s always a reason for the breaking. Sometimes it’s simply because who I was cannot continue to support who I am becoming.

The earthen vessel must crack and expand even as my spirit grows. Filled with His own. What once seemed so stable and secure must shift in order to hold a new and better way of life. Of living.

Humility emerges, shaking the core of this humanity. Spirit breath stretches against containment, for what I am meant to hold cannot be confined by finite clay. The earthen vessel needs room to grow. This newness cannot coexist with the stagnant wine of yesteryear, else all becomes spoiled.

So let the cracking commence and continue as shards are set free. Broken to be filled. Deadened for a season, but not for forever. Simply making room to come back to life.

Releasing the past to grasp hold of a new present, I choose to believe I will be better for this breaking. No matter how much it hurts. No matter how empty before the filling.

Like the little town of Bethlehem, I scarce can make room for so great a redemption being birthed within these borders. With humbleness, I offer my soul’s shelter — unfit for the King, but chosen to bear His life, regardless.

Yes, I am broken, but not without purpose. Not without promise of a coming glory. Never without a plan of redemption in full view of the One who not only has eyes to see but holds the power to make all things new and beautiful.

So as I sit in the silence, falling apart bit by bit, I trust in being re-membered. Beauty in the making, refitted piece by piece to bring to life new life. Earthen vessel though I may be, He has chosen to place His other-worldly presence here.

bits of broken
splinters of hurt
shattered pieces

scooped up by divine hand
reaching beyond the breaking
revealing beauty beneath the scars
making room for Spirit.

gatherer of fragmented lives
You come into the splinters
with creative grace
determined to fashion a masterpiece
from the ruins of this soul
breathing life with artistic wonder
fashioning flawless
from the blemished and marred.

in humble awe I stand complete,
a mosaic of mercy at Savior’s feet.