To Bend Toward Spirit Breath

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: Life seldom remains easy forever.

Okay, so maybe that is not a divine revelation to any of you. Unfortunately, we all have firsthand experience of that reality and, most likely, more times than we would prefer.

The question is, what do we do when things get tough? How do we respond in the hards of life? What character traits go on full display when our insides feel so out of sorts?

Do we grumble and pout, resisting grace and growth, or do we bend toward Spirit breath seeking our revival?

When pain hits us full force or circumstances take a tragic turn for the worse, we sometimes think we have no choice but to be buffeted aimlessly in its throes. But we do have a choice. We do. We can either give in to the tossing, or we can choose to plant our feet firmly upon Hope, anchoring ourselves to the truth of Who God is. Who He has promised He will be to us, no matter the surrounding storms.

He will be our peace if we choose to yield to His presence in the hurt.

Contrary to what we may first think, peace is an active word not just a placid calm. It is strength to quell the fiercest of storms, grace to still the most rapid of fearful heartbeats. Peace is a powerful gift given in the midst of the tumult, settling upheaval with the weight of its steadying assurance that God is near.

In a bit of an oxymoron, peace is also a warring word. It rushes into the thick of the battle, rescuing weary warriors and bringing life to initiate and sustain soul breath. Like an all-encompassing verb, peace comes through action to bring about a particular state of being with its presence. A state of being settled deep into something much greater than our understanding can wrap about with finite mind.

Though peace comes to take up residence within us, that doesn’t necessarily mean our circumstances will miraculously change, bringing sweet and immediate relief. It simply means we will be held. Kept by sacred hand in the shelter of the Most High’s shadow.

When life becomes overwhelming, we can seek refuge in the presence of our Savior. Instead of being submerged by our circumstances, we can submerge ourselves in His grace and peace, even here in the hurt and heartbreak.

Because He is with us.

Never to leave us on our own.

Never to forget us, nor forsake us — not to others, not to ourselves.

God’s love never gives up.

It never yields in the face of too much pain.

It is constant.

Faithful always.

It’s human to struggle. To wonder and to wrestle with the many questions hurtling themselves toward us at breakneck speed. It’s natural to mourn over the ruins left behind. But it is spiritual eyes that look past this present moment and into the future with hope, longing to see beauty from the ash heap. Trusting it will come in Father’s time and in His ways which show themselves so very differently than we would often choose.

If today finds you staring daunting challenges in the face, I encourage you to look beyond your struggles. To reach beyond yourself and your own fleeting strength as you bend toward Spirit breath and trust for its revival to come.

God is with you, dear one.

Count on it.

And thank Him for it.

water-824418_960_720Thoughts to Ponder:
Where do you look when regrets loom large and redemption and rescue seem so very far away? Do you look to your own strengths and try to muscle through the devastation, or do you lift your eyes to seek help from the only One who sees all things?
Do you wait for Him to notice your struggles, too blinded by the pain to realize that He already has, and that He is doing something beautiful in this very moment?
Do you listen for His whisper through the wreckage, or do you stop your ears to the call of mercy tugging your soul to believe?
Truly, the choice is yours.

May you choose wisely and respond to the ferocity of peace poured out for you.
May you bend toward Spirit breath and inhale the hope that anchors the weakest of hearts.

Especially when that heart is your own.

© 2018