Keeper of Universes and of Souls

There is One who numbers the stars and calls them each by name.
Who counts the grains of sand sprinkled across vast deserts and tucked in ocean depths
Who creates a myriad of snowflakes, each unique in frosty garb
Who refreshes the earth with droplets of summer showers poured from heavenly reserves
Who tallies the hairs upon my head
And knows my every thought before even one of them is formed.

The One who adorns meadows with spectacular array of wildflowers and bends rainbows to soothe the force of mighty thunderstorms is the One
who calls me His child.

Crafter of galaxies and of universes
Maker of the Milky Way
Painter of planets
Sustainer of solar systems
Designer of DNA
Caretaker of every living being that creeps and swoops and runs and flies.

This is Abba.

My Father.

The One who holds new mercies in store each day, inviting me to grasp them as my own.

Keeper of beggar hearts,
Come and show me once again what it means to live with
Christ in me.

Let us explore these wonders You’ve created.
And let’s begin with the ones waiting to be unearthed within my soul.

© 2018