When God Shows Up

If there is a God, then why doesn’t He simply reveal Himself so we can believe?

I’m sure you have heard this thought, or something similar to it, throughout the years. It’s promoted in many modern films, discussed over a cup of coffee, or pondered when things go wrong. Why doesn’t God just show up so we really know He is there? Why does He seem so far away when the world is spinning so wildly out of control? Why? Why? Why?

The longer I walk this Christian path, the more I am convinced that, contrary to what the world would have us believe, God does not simply lean back on His throne twiddling His giant thumbs, waiting to see how well we maneuver through this life.

Story after story in the Bible convinces me otherwise. Story after story of friends who are familiar with God on more than a cursory level convince me otherwise. Even my own often-floundering faith convinces me otherwise as I recall both the significant and seemingly insignificant ways God has shown up in my life throughout the years.

While it might seem more obvious if God would appear in a burning bush like He did to Moses or come sweeping into our lives through a grand vision as He did with the prophet Ezekiel, there’s no doubt in my mind that God does reveal Himself to us.

God is much more active in our everyday lives than we give Him credit for. It’s just that sometimes we get too distracted to notice His presence.
Sometimes our own plans and longings get in the way and obstruct our view.

Sometimes we are so focused on just getting through the day that we hesitate to believe He is right there in it with us.

It’s amazing how many things keep us from recognizing that God is there in our most ordinary moments.

And so we content ourselves to envision our heavenly Father as an elderly gentleman, contentedly leaning back on a celestial throne watching the world spin with seeming indifference to the suffering taking place among its inhabitants.

And we could not possibly be in greater error.

Our God is a God who rises from His throne to shower His children with gracious compassion (Isaiah 30:18). He is a God who reaches into the depths of the oceans to rescue a wayward prophet (Jonah); who appears to Moses in the midst of a burning bush because He has been aroused by the desperate cries of the Israelite nation; who gives advice through the lips of a donkey in order to get the attention of a prophet (Balaam); who crosses the cultural gaps of gender, race, and religion to reveal Himself to a Samaritan woman living in a promiscuous relationship; who blinds the eyes of a persecutor of Christians  in order to open his eyes to the Light of the World, calling him to become one of the greatest preachers in history (Saul aka Paul); and the list goes on…

God is continually moving to bridge the gap between heaven and earth.

Sometimes He comes with a resounding shout; other times He whispers His presence.

But always He comes.

Revealing Himself to each of us individually.

Because He knows us.

He knows what will get our attention.

Maybe you would walk right by a burning bush, but stop dead in your tracks at a talking donkey. Or maybe He is much more subtle with you, using something as innocent and profound as a baby’s laughter or the beauty of a blossoming rosebud to reveal His presence with you, right where you are.


In the middle of your everyday life.

GOD seeks YOU.

In the midst of the millions, God seeks you.

What will it take for you to notice Him there?

mHF4UJ4Stop hiding… and let yourself be found.




Believing Something Is One Thing

Believing something is one thing; living it is the miracle.

Slowing down.

Savoring the simple.

Noticing the moments compiling into memories.

Being here now.

It all stems from the belief that your something is the one thing you should be living with this very breath.

Instead of constantly searching for that ever-elusive defining moment, open your eyes to the wonder you are in. Right here and now, in this something surrounding you.

Redefine your ordinary.

Embrace the miracle playing hide-and-seek in your everyday.

Ponder the precious routine of rousing your children from slumber each morning.

Relish welcoming your husband home from work.

Enjoy sipping lemonade on a sunny summer evening or curling up with a mug of hot cocoa on a frosty winter morn.

Savor the simple and stop wishing away your days. For all too soon, they will pass and fade into the recesses of yesteryear, slipping like sand through aging fingers still reaching for the wonder.


Today is your day to live.

Right here is your moment to shine.

Don’t wait for the significant to find you.
It. Already. Has.

Open your eyes to see it dancing before you in the form of muddied toddler hands wrapping around your legs, straining to squeeze the love out of life.

Watch it tango through the elementary school where your son’s third grade class thinks you’re awesome for bringing in those cupcakes with sprinkles.

See it waltz across the soccer field where you’ve devoted to coach that rambunctious group of middle-schoolers, all gangling arms and graceless feet.

Hear it dubstep through your house accompanying the late-night laughter of that group of teenagers who know they are welcome in your home.

Believe that every something is your one thing.

Your opportunity to impact lives. The lives surrounding you — wherever you may be.

The world needs you.

It needs your strength and gentleness. Your kind and faithful presence. Your being — being fully alive — in every second of the day. No matter how insignificant you may feel those seconds to be. No matter how much you may be longing for something more. Something bigger. Something beyond what you see in the present. For now, this is your gift and your calling. This day is your day to reach your full potential and purpose.

So step into this moment with gaping heart and arms flung wide to embrace whatever lies before you.

After all, believing something is one thing; living it is the miracle…

sand-castle-in-hand Every moment possesses its own kind of magic and what we do with it counts. It counts. (from Stargardener)

Ordinary Miracles

So, I’m stepping WAY out on a limb here and jumping in with a group of writers to take the Five-Minute-Friday challenge over at http://www.lisajobaker.com/five-minute-friday. Basically, we are all given a prompt, then turned loose to write (uninhibited and unedited) for five minutes before posting to a link and sharing our raw thoughts with others. Needless to say, this is pushing me out of my comfort zone and stretching me to write and post quickly without the editor in me rising to the surface. And I have to admit that my first attempt at this was more like eight minutes instead of five, but please be gracious since I’m new to this. As long as they don’t place a time limit on how long I have to link up to all of this, then I should be fine. Can you say, “technologically challenged”?

Here’s to today’s word of ORDINARY:

Mountains of laundry, meals to cook, groceries to buy, school work to grade, emails to write, prayers to pray, articles to edit, bills to pay…

The list of the ordinary continues to grow and morph throughout the years with the unbroken rhythms of life. Nothing much exciting happens as days slip by turning from Monday into Tuesday, then rushing to catch Wednesday and Thursday…week after week, month after month, season after season, year after year.

Why is it so easy to think of my every day as everyday? Why is it so common for us to look in the mirror or at the piles of laundry and dirty dishes piling up and accept that our lives are ordinary instead of seeing the miracle that dwells in each moment? Seriously, is any of this God-infused life truly “ordinary”? In reality, there’s nothing ordinary about this perfect rhythm which holds the universe in place. Nothing ordinary that keeps the gravitational pull between the moon and the earth and the sun and the stars in perfect synchronization so we don’t all go careening across the galaxies, and yet, I’ve been tricked into thinking that my surroundings are ordinary because they appear so commonplace.

Just because something is common does not make it ordinary.

The miracle of the moments lie in the eye of the beholder, and let’s face it, when I look in the mirror and behold my reflection, what I behold does not make me gasp in wonder and awe at the work of art that makes up me. Nor does my heart skip a beat as my hands sift through mountains of laundry, or scrub the dinner dishes, or grade the never-ending pages of schoolwork that make up the majority of my days. What I generally behold does not seem beautiful, it seems merely common. Nothing incredible about the umpteenth trip to the grocery or the gazillionth email to which I’ve replied this month. Just ordinary.

Because I have forgotten.

I cease to remember that every moment of living is a gift from my Creator. Every ordinary is merely an opportunity for the miraculous. Every breath, an invitation to connect with God as I inhale grace and exhale gratitude for this moment of living. A chance to see the world with eyes of wonder that are too often clouded with skepticism.

Seldom awed, but easily overwhelmed by the stuff of life instead of the God who indwells my moments and longs to make each one a miraculous reminder of Himself…

Right here in this moment of ordinary in which I’m living.