Simply for the Joy of It

The other evening, I was playing with my two-year-old grandson. What began as a simple “twirl” in my arms in his front yard, soon found us “flying circles” around the house together. I lost count of the number of times I extended my arms and “flew” across the grass, following energetic, little boy legs amidst full-out giggles and silly remarks. We swooped and scurried, circling trees and fire pits along the way, only to come back to the front of the house where Reuben would look at me before breathlessly saying, “Let’s do that again!” And with the resolve of a completely smitten grandma, I’d join him for yet another “flight.”

This game continued for what must have been at least fifty trips around the house, but I seriously would have gone fifty more with that little fellla if time permitted. Although assured by his mother and others that I could stop at any moment, that I needn’t feel obligated to continue the game any longer than I desired, the fact is I desired to continue it as long as my grandson did. I would even sometimes purposefully stop at the front of the house, simply for the joy of having Reuben pause to look back at me and say, “Grandma, let’s do that again!” Although others may have thought our game exhausting, at that moment there was nothing bringing me greater joy than knowing I was bringing joy to my grandson simply by sharing in his adventures.

This whole scenario got me pondering how easily I can be deceived into thinking my antics exhaust my heavenly Father. From an outsider’s point of view, God most certainly must grow weary by the simpleness of my life. I mean seriously, He who created the ends of the universe and everything in between lowers Himself to become a faithful Companion in my everyday life? How simplistic I must be in comparison to Him! At my most complex and highest-functioning moments, I remain akin to a unicellular fungus in comparison to the Most High, and even that is likely rewarding me more credit than I deserve. Shouldn’t God be above consorting with the likes of me?

It’s easy for me to be tricked into believing He is merely “tolerating” my presence if I forget one simple truth: My Father God delights in me.

Oh, He may not always approve of my actions, but His love for me never decreases even when I’m in the full-fledged throes of a childish tantrum.

He may want more and better for me than my selfish choices afford, but God never once falters in loving me.


Without limits.

And with great delight.

When I look at the much smaller scale of my love for my grandson, I can only surmise it to be a pittance when compared to God’s perfect love for me. Though others may have wearied in following a little boy in circles time and again, I wanted nothing more than to continue the play as long as his heart desired. In truth, I would have remained on the journey with Reuben for as long as his little legs allowed, and then I would have carried him in circles if He had asked. Simply for the joy it brought him . . . and me.

When I’m struggling to believe God is tireless in His care and love toward me, I need only read the following words from Matthew 7:11: If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give what is good to those who ask Him!

My grandson Reuben has my heart, and he didn’t do one thing to earn it. He has my heart simply because He is my grandson. And if I, being a sinful and selfish person, know how to give good things to him . . . well, then why is it so hard for me to believe my heavenly Father wouldn’t do more than the same for me?

Although I am fully aware I can be exhausting to some folks, fortunately God is not on that list. My Father not only loves me, He delights in me and enjoys spending time with me . . .  even when it’s as simplistic as running loop after loop in the same pattern, over and over and over.

And you know what? I’ll bet God even pauses at times, just so He can capture my attention and hear me speak the words, “Hey Dad, let’s do that again!”

© 2017