About Mere Whispers

When I was a little girl, I would hold up my thumb to cover an object I was looking at that was, in reality, much, MUCH too big to be obscured by said thumb. You know, things like trees, clouds, airplanes… annoying siblings? I especially recall doing this when traveling by car. After all, how many things can a young girl do to amuse herself during those long family road trips?

Since the annoying siblings were too close to place under my thumb, I’d choose an object in the distance, like a skyscraper, and try to cover it. As we continued to approach the city, I found myself adding more fingers as the building began to outgrow my thumb. Before too long, I was using an entire hand to block out what had once been so easily hidden from view by merely one, tiny appendage. The closer we came to the skyscraper, the larger it appeared until it was entirely beyond any possibility of being covered by something as small and insignificant as a thumb or hand. And I came to the realization that what had at first appeared so small from a distance was, in truth, colossal in size. Much too large to be overshadowed by any human form.

I guess you could say I’m learning the same thing about God. When I was far from Him, at the beginning of this journey toward knowing Him, He seemed somewhat akin to that skyscraper from my childhood. I thought I could hold up my thumb and “pin Him down.” That I could reign Him in, force Him to fit into my life on a small scale, and easily manage Him. Neatly compartmentalizing God into the rest of my life seemed like the best way to handle this new relationship. Ludicrous, I know. But I still attempted it, and I daresay that if you’re honest with yourself, you may have tried the same thing.

And like me, you’ve most likely discovered that God refuses to be pinned down. The sheer enormity of His presence makes the tallest of skyscrapers appear far more insignificant than a solitary flea traipsing through a herd of African elephants. The closer I get to God, the larger I find Him to be, and in the process of moving toward Him, I begin to realize how very small I am in comparison. How I could spend the rest of my life exploring the many facets of this amazing Creator, and never even begin to scrape the most miniscule surface area of His person.

As stated in Job 26:14:
Indeed, these are the mere edges of His ways, and how small a whisper we hear of Him! But the thunder of His power who can understand!

In short, that’s the heart of this blog. Moving into the faint outlines of glory to catch a glimpse of the larger picture of our Father God. Looking for the wonder. Listening for the whisper. And in the process, discovering things about Him and ourselves that we may never have before considered or thought to explore.

I invite you to join me on this journey. Come. Explore. Search. Discover. And hopefully find yourself moving closer to the heart of the Master Creator. Consider this your invitation to walk alongside me as we press up against the mere edges of His ways and see if we can’t hear just a few Mere Whispers of His story.


2 thoughts on “About Mere Whispers

  1. I really like your article “hope doesn’t dissapoint” that was a much needed word for me today. Blessings!

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