Everyday Graces

Cultivating a heart of gratitude is a lesson the Lord has been teaching me for the past few years, and here is a place I have chosen to live it out in a small way as I record those everyday graces that God gives every day. A list that will grow and change as I remember and take note of the blessings.

For the blessings are always there.

Some seen and noticed.

Others overlooked.

All undeserved.

All worth remembering.

For in remembering those places where grace has been sprinkled so liberally, I will be grateful. And in being grateful, I will remember my Father and the ever-growing goodness in my life. This is a small memorial to the mercy of the Most High who, for reasons of His own, has chosen to make me His daughter. May the generations yet to come arise with me and call Him blessed as we offer our praises with grateful hearts… for everyday graces.

For daughters who twirl through my kitchen and dance along the ocean’s shore

Picture 159

For sons who sing in the shower, and in the car, and in the house, and outside…

Jan 6, 2011_2

For a husband who labors with his hands and builds with his heart


For eyes that see wonder in the looking


For a Savior whose thoughts toward me outnumber the sands of the sea


For missionaries who are my heroes, my friends, and the sons of my heart.

For a Creator who holds the weight of the world on His shoulders yet knows the number of hairs on my head


For noogies and dutch rubs and the silliness of siblings


For a God who is faithful and gentle with me when I am faithless


For a family of friends and for friends who are family


For a home filled with laughter and song instead of merely things


For my husband who chose me and chooses me still – day after day, year after year…


For the guidance of His Word when I’m uncertain of which way to go


For a life overflowing with the uninterrupted rhythms of grace


For the diversity of cultures and nations and races who make up God’s family


For the treasures of chalk dust  and butterflies and beauty in the moments


For ears to hear the symphony of the Divine and feet that dance through the triumphs and the trials

Picture 181

For mercy so extravagant it takes my breath away


For a Father who launches His children into new adventures


For a relentless Savior whose love is unrelenting


For the sunrises and sunsets and every moment in between


For a King who graces the temporal with the eternal


I. Am. Grateful.

2 thoughts on “Everyday Graces

  1. Hello Barbara, just an Internet traveler here who found your Site by His chance. I feel music in your words and a thousand songs rising when I I read your writings. May I send you a couple of my musical creations? I am on FB and have some of my songs posted on http://www.soundcloud.com. Search for Craig Perkins and you will likely find them. I hope my songs can return a part of Father’s heart like I felt in your writings! -Craig

    • Thanks for the kind words, Craig. Our God is indeed amazing and worthy of our gratitude and praises. I’ll have to check out your music on soundcloud. Blessings, Barbara

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